Ambitious about Autism

Ambitious about Autism


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 020 8815 5444

Address: The Pears National Centre for Autism Education, Woodside Avenue, London N10 3JA 

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. We provide services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change.

We provide services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change. Our vision is to make the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism and our mission is to help them to learn, thrive and achieve. Through TreeHouse School and Ambitious College we offer specialist education and support.

Ambitious about Autism was founded as TreeHouse in 1997. It was founded as a specialist school for children with autism, with five pupils and based in a borrowed room in the Royal Free Hospital in North London. Since then, Ambitious about Autism has been growing and developing into the national charity that it is today, which provides services, raises awareness and influences policy. 


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Registered Charity Number 1063184

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Email:[email protected]

Telephone: 020 8789 9575

Address: ClearVision Project, Linden Lodge School, 61 Princes Way, London SW196JB

Anybody in the UK or Ireland who needs children’s books with both braille and print text is welcome to join the ClearVision library. The books are sent directly to your address and there is no postage to pay. Membership is free to families; organisations such as schools, libraries and sensory support services pay a heavily-subsidised annual fee of £50. To join, complete the form below. If you have difficulty with this, please call us on 020 8789 9575.

Our books are designed to be shared and are suitable for any child who is learning braille or who might do so in the future. Some of our ‘readers’ are babies and toddlers whose parents are keen to get them used to feeling braille long before they learn to read it – in the same way that fully-sighted babies see print everywhere before they can make sense of it. We have board books, picture books and books for newly-fluent readers, but do not stock longer books for children who are independent readers. Once our borrowers have reached this level we encourage them to join other libraries which stock braille-only books, such as the RNIB Library.

Our books are ordinary children’s picture books with added braille (or Moon). They do not have enlarged print and are therefore not especially suitable for children with a visual impairment who are learning to read print. 


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Makaton Charity (The)


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01276 606 760

Address: Westmead House, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7LP

Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life. Almost everything we do involves communication; everyday tasks such as learning at school, asking for food and drink, sorting out problems, making friends and having fun. These all rely on our ability to communicate with each other.

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.

With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols. Many people then drop the signs or symbols naturally at their own pace, as they develop speech.

For those who have experienced the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully or effectively, Makaton really can help. Makaton takes away that frustration and enables individuals to connect with other people and the world around them. This opens up all kinds of possibilities.



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Registered Charity Number 1119819

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Shropshire Parent and Carer Council (PACC -unlocking doors together)

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Address: Parent and Carer Council Shropshire, PO Box 4774, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 9EX

Our aim is that parents and carers are informed about, consulted about, and participate in, developments which affect their children. By joining PACC you will get the opportunity to participate in addressing the issues that affect your family. PACC is free to join and you can take part in as much or as little as you feel able to.

Parents and carers of children with a disability or an additional need often find it difficult to make their voices heard when seeking to influence the provision of services that affect them and the children in their care. At the same time there are health, social, education and other professionals who need input and feedback from parents and carers like you.

By registering as a PACC member you will be contacted by email by carefully vetted professionals seeking your input on the performance of services for children with disabilities or additional needs in Shropshire. These opportunities may take the form of a simple online questionnaire, or maybe an invitation to take part in a face-to-face consultation.

There is no obligation to respond and we do not record any personal information about you or your child. It’s simply an opportunity for you to connect with the professionals in your area who have the power to make a difference.

Activities include:

  • Events to bring parents and carers together
  • Taking part in consultations to government, etc.
  • Autism West Midlands summer programme of events
  • Newsletter
  • Links to other organisations
  • Information for professionals

Find us on Face Book @ShropsPACC and Twitter @ShropsPACC

Registered Charity Number 1150180




Email: [email protected] (General)

Email: [email protected] (Grants)

Contact Form:

Telephone: 01908 240 831 (Activity, Grant and General Enquiries)

Address: VICTA Children Ltd, 5 Douglas House, 32-34 Simpson Road, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes  MK1 1BA

 VICTA supports children and young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families across the UK. If you are the parent of a blind or partially sighted child or young person or you are visually impaired yourself and under the age of 29 then VICTA can help.

VICTA was founded in 1987 by a group of parents who came together to support each other with the day-to-day issues of looking after a visually impaired child. They provided emotional support and worked together to ensure that their children were given the same opportunities as sighted children. They also supported each other through the minefield of obtaining the right educational provision for their children.

What VICTA do


VICTA organises activities designed to improve the emotional, social and living skills of the children and young people that we support. Bringing children and young people who are blind or partially sighted together to socialise, have fun and travel whether in the UK or abroad helps them to realise just what they can achieve.


We make grants available to enable children and young people to reach their full potential. Whether it is for a Brailler or a computer to help them keep in touch, we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and grow.

We want to encourage children and young people to develop independent life skills and therefore provide grants for equipment such as talking household items, magnifiers, navigation aids and activity breaks. With the right support, we believe everyone can develop the confidence to take their place in the world.

VICTA support children and young people who are blind or partially sighted by providing equipment to aid their visual impairment.


Find us on Face Book @VICTAChildren  and Twitter @VICTAChildren

Registered Charity Number 1065029


Sense Toys

Sense Toys


Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Contact Form:

Telephone: 0345 257 0849 Fax 0345 257 0851

Address: SenseToys Limited, 13 Barnsbury Terrace, LondonN1 1JH

Lesley Burton established Sense Toys after many fruitless searches for toys and activities to help with the special needs of my two sons – my eldest suffered a language delay through glue ear and my second son Edward has an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Our range appeals to all parents and professionals but it is particularly popular with those caring for children with special educational needs and learning disabilities, including poor or delayed language development and skills, dyspraxia, and developmental delays, ADHD, autism and other spectrum disorders.

I also know that our toys provide sensory and educational fun for all children, with or without special needs. Similarly, I’m told that many parents find my play tips valuable for playing with their young children. I hope you will find them useful too.

How we select toys for children with special needs?

We carefully select and review toys and resources bearing in mind how easy they are for small or weak hands to use, the multiplicity of play opportunities, their sensory value and their robustness.

Who buys from Sense Toys?

As well as families, our customers include schools, nurseries, childminders, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, portage workers, educational psychologists, care home workers and childrens centres. We attend a variety of shows and conferences around the UK to promote, sell and demonstrate our toys.

SenseToys helps to make learning fun and rewarding for you and for children with learning difficulties – sometimes even “ordinary” toys can help you produce extraordinary results if you can find them and know how to use them effectively! 



Find us on Face Book @sensorytoysUK and Twitter @SenseToys




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Telephone: 020 7452 2000 Fax: 020 7452 2001

Address: Livability, 6, Mitre Passage, London, SE10 0ER

Livability is the disability charity that connects people with their communities. We tackle social isolation and the barriers that can cause this in the lives of disabled and vulnerable people.

Through a wide range of disability, education, training and community services, we promote inclusion and wellbeing for all. Together, we work to see people take part, contribute and be valued. We put the elements in place that all add up to connected lives and communities.

Livability is a proven and trusted provider of disability care and community projects throughout the UK. Our 2000-strong, enabling team of staff and volunteers across the UK deliver:

  • Care homes and residential support centres.
  • A school and a further education college for disabled students.
  • A well-being discovery centre set in 200 acres of natural landscape.
  • Independent and supported living programmes for disabled people.
  • Care and support for disabled people.
  • Rehabilitation centres for brain and spinal injury.
  • Church training in community engagement and disability awareness.
  • Spinal injury rehabilitation expertise in developing countries.
  • ‘Dementia Inclusive Church’ resourcing and coaching.
  • Well-being and happiness coaching through the Livability Happiness Course.
  • Social inclusion work through churches and community projects

 In the list of Commissioning bodies, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin are included in the list.


Find us on Face Book @LivabilityUK and Twitter @LivabilityUK

Registered Charity Number 1116530


Vision Technology and training Shropshire


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01743 257746

Address: VTTS, Shropshire Council, Helena Lane. 20 Hamlet Road Ludlow SY8 2NP

What Services do we provide? 

  • Advice and support on all aspects of visual impairment
  • Assessments to help visually impaired people regain their independence through the use of the right technology for them
  • Demonstrations of specialist equipment and software in our purpose-designed technology suite. This includes computers with access software (magnification / screen readers), voice activation software, computers with easy-to-use menus, large keyboards and portable electronic magnifiers
  • Training is individually designed to help people with visual impairments to regain their independence. 
  • Opportunities to use technology to communicate through email and the internet, or just to learn how to switch on a computer and use it as a tool to help read print, write letters or even pay bills and do shopping online
  • Information on services and charities, both local and national, and the service they offer to support people with sight loss
  • Transcription service into accessible formats – large print, Braille, audio CDs and digital formats. This is a confidential service for the council and other organisations

Anyone can contact us if they feel that they or someone they know would benefit from an assessment for ICT training, specialist equipment or to enquire about our services.

VTTS is a leading partner of See and Hear Shropshire which hosts an annual exhibition showcasing equipment for people with sight and / or hearing loss in Shrewsbury. The next See and Hear Shropshire event is on 15 May 2019.  Click here to visit the See and Hear webpage


Find us on Face Book @VTTShropshire and Twitter @VTTShrop 




Wyldwoods, CIC


Email: [email protected]  [email protected]

Contact Form:

Telephone: 01952 884224 or Mobile 07816 113539

Address: Wyldwoods CIC,Dean Corner Farmhouse. Willey, Broseley TF12 5JH

Wyldwoods is a Community Interest Company set up to offer ‘creative arts and well-being’ for all, encourages and supports the personal and social development of all people by providing a calm and positive environment in which to try new skills and reflect on personal growth and development.

They offer secure and tranquil spaces for personal emotional development; relaxation, reflection and self-image.  Both carers and cared-for can benefit from this personal time and space.  Activities are wide ranging and utilise both the outdoor and indoor environments.  They also offer free training workshops in the benefits of essential oils.

Development and learning happen through constructive engagement which is supported by trained staff and volunteers.  These opportunities are provided for people throughout the whole county of Shropshire, including Telford and Wrekin, working in partnership with other organisations throughout the county, and offering guidance and support through these community networks.

Wyldwoods activities are available to people in receipt of a personal budget or direct payment, who may have a learning disability or be experiencing mental health issues.  Referrals can be made through Social Services, Community Mental Health Teams, GPs, or family, friends or carers.


Find us on Face Book and Twitter @OurWyldwoods 


Young Calibre -Audio Library


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01296 432338 Fax: 01296 392599

Address: Calibre Audio Library, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP22 5XQ

Young Calibre audio library is a national charity providing a subscription-free postal service of unabridged audio books for young people with sight problems, dyslexia and other disabilities, who cannot read print.

To join Calibre. There is a one off £20 payment. Click here for details on how to join:

If you are new to audio books, why not take the chance of a free trial.


 Find us on Face Book @calibreaudio and Twitter @CalibreAudio

 Registered Charity Number 286614