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Telephone: 020 8789 9575

Address: ClearVision Project, Linden Lodge School, 61 Princes Way, London SW196JB

Anybody in the UK or Ireland who needs children’s books with both braille and print text is welcome to join the ClearVision library. The books are sent directly to your address and there is no postage to pay. Membership is free to families; organisations such as schools, libraries and sensory support services pay a heavily-subsidised annual fee of £50. To join, complete the form below. If you have difficulty with this, please call us on 020 8789 9575.

Our books are designed to be shared and are suitable for any child who is learning braille or who might do so in the future. Some of our ‘readers’ are babies and toddlers whose parents are keen to get them used to feeling braille long before they learn to read it – in the same way that fully-sighted babies see print everywhere before they can make sense of it. We have board books, picture books and books for newly-fluent readers, but do not stock longer books for children who are independent readers. Once our borrowers have reached this level we encourage them to join other libraries which stock braille-only books, such as the RNIB Library.

Our books are ordinary children’s picture books with added braille (or Moon). They do not have enlarged print and are therefore not especially suitable for children with a visual impairment who are learning to read print. 


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