Issue 3, August 2010 – OUT NOW!

Link to printable version Welcome to our third Newsletter.

In response to readers’ comments, we have improved the layout for the Newsletter to make it easier to read online. Articles are summarised in a short paragraph and can be read in detail by following the link in the article.

But if you don’t read the Newsletter online, don’t despair! The full Newsletter is still available in black and white format for an annual charge of £12. Payment should be sent to Shropshire Disability Network, to SDN c/o Tom Memery, Treasurer, Omega, London House, Town Walls, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1TX.

Your news, views and events are always welcome for inclusion in the Newsletter. Please send articles to Sally Barrett, Editor, email [email protected].

To view SDN Newsletter issue  3 August 2010 (pdf) click here

To view a printable version of the Newsletter click here

One thought on “Issue 3, August 2010 – OUT NOW!

  1. Martin

    Excellent newsletter but it could do with a little humour, maybe a letters page and the ocasional joke. I think a letters page would be good, people with all types of illness could ask questions. As for content its very good indeed. Maybe ill write something and forward it to Sally.

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