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healthwatch shropshire 250-253

Views on Mental Health and well-being Services before, during and after pregnancy.

Healthwatch Shropshire are currently interested in hearing your views on mental health and well-being services before, during and after pregnancy.

Healthwatch Shropshire say: “We want to know more about people’s experience of mental health support when planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy, at the birth and afterwards up to 3 years on. All the responses will be completely anonymous. This is a really important time for us to be doing this in this area as the new community perinatal mental health service is currently be planned and posts advertised”. 

The study needs to be completed by March so if you would like to share your experiences with us.  Please email us at [email protected] or call 01743 237884. Or you can post information to us Freepost HEALTHWATCH SHROPSHIRE or download a form at this link http://www.healthwatchshropshire.co.uk/content/speak-out

“Healthwatch Shropshire is the health and social care champion for people and local communities in Shropshire. We are here to help make sure everyone gets the best from their health and social care services – also that those services are as good as they can be and work in a joined up way. We aim to give patients, service users, carers and the wider public a real say in the way health and social care services are run. We use the feedback about health and social care services to hold providers and commissioners to account. Our aim is to ensure that the patient voice remains at the centre of any decisions about service change.

CCG 250-253

Shropshire CCG’s Care Closer to Home Programme Board

Would you like to be a Representative on Shropshire CCG’s Care Closer to Home Programme Board and use your knowledge and experience to help develop local health services.

NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is currently seeking a Patient Representative to join the Shropshire Care Closer to Home Programme Board.

The Shropshire Care Closer to Home Programme Board is responsible for looking at how existing services might be provided differently and more efficiently, co-ordinating and integrating care. The programme aims to give people in Shropshire access to the care they need closer to where they live, either in their own home or in the community.

If you live in Shropshire and have experience of using NHS services then the CCG wants to hear from you.

Dr Finola Lynch, Joint Chair for the Shropshire Care Closer to Home Programme Board at the CCG, said: “Patients are at the heart of everything we do and we make decisions about health services based on the feedback we get. The Patient Representative role is an important one and will help us to ensure the services we redesign as part of the Shropshire Care Closer to Home Programme are ones that residents need and can access.”

For this voluntary role as the Patient Representative on the Shropshire Care Close to Home Programme Board, the CCG is looking for someone who:

  • Lives in the County and has experience of NHS services in Shropshire, or a local carer of someone using NHS services in Shropshire.
  •  An ability to work with senior health and social care professionals.
  •  Has experience and understanding of the community and voluntary sector in Shropshire.
  •  Can take part in discussions on agenda items and act as an ambassador for the patient and public voice, working alongside other Programme Board members as equals.
  •  Has the ability to champion the diversity of patients’ views and not just represent their own experience.
  •  Can understand and evaluate a range of information and evidence.
  •  Respect the need for confidentiality.
  •     Can attend 80% of the monthly meetings, which are held during the day at William Farr House, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury.

If you would like to become the Patient Representative, please write a letter stating why you are interested and what you would bring to this voluntary role as well as contact details.

All letters of expression of interest will be reviewed by a panel, which will include representatives from the CCG, and shortlisted candidates may be invited to take part in an informal chat.

Anyone interested in becoming a Patient Representative must submit their letter by 5pm on Thursday, 31 January 2019, to Barrie Reis-Seymour, Commissioning and Redesign Lead – Shropshire Care Closer to Home, NHS Shropshire CCG.

Email: [email protected]

Post: NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group, William Farr House, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XL.

Shropshire Council 250-253

Views sought on plans to remove recycling bring bank sites

Start Date:
14th December 2018

End Date:
25th January 2019

Start Time:

End Time:

Shropshire Council are seeking your views on plans to remove recycling bring bank sites. This consultation is now open until 25th January 2019.

Shropshire Council and Veolia currently provide bring banks at 120 sites across Shropshire, to enable people to recycle household waste including cans, glass, paper, clothing and drinks cartons. They are typically located in pub, supermarket and village hall car parks. The council is proposing to remove its bring bank sites to help reduce fly-tipping and littering, to encourage recycling, and to save money.

The proposals don’t affect banks provided by private organisations on private land.

To read about the proposal click on this linkhttp://www.shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/closure-of-shropshire-council-recycling-bring-sites/

To take part in the survey click here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/bring-site-survey


SDN 250 by 253

Your Voice Christmas 2018

This edition of Your Voice has a festive feel – download your copy below!

You will find out how to get your hands on SDN’s Christmas Cards – with designs by Members – and how people with and without disabilities can enjoy a creative Christmas carol service. There is an invitation to the final SDN Members’ Meeting of the year – come along in festive dress if you wish!

We thank our brilliant volunteers, fundraisers and supporters, and we look forward to making a difference together again in the year ahead. We also touch on serious topics of safeguarding and hate crime, as well as, different opportunities to learn more about your NHS or about your local gravestones.

There are features, too, on a successful scheme to put unsold food from supermarkets to good use and on new funding for services for people with deafness and hearing loss in Shropshire.

Log in to the Members’ Area at the top right-hand side of this page, and then download your copy of Your Voice by clicking on the link below. If you have suggestions for future editions, please email [email protected] . All comments welcome!

Your Voice Christmas 2018

SDN 250 by 253

Your Voice October-November 2018

This edition of Your Voice brings you information about help with heating, accessible training in historical research, photography for wellbeing, a TV cookery competition, warding off flu, children’s mental health services, and an inclusive carol service.

It also updates you on Shropshire Disability Network and Safe Places Shropshire’s activities, including, a “high-flying” fundraising challenge.

Log in to the Members’ Area at the top right-hand side of this page, and then download your copy of Your Voice by clicking on the link below. If you have suggestions for future editions, please email [email protected] . Happy reading!

Your Voice October-November 2018


Right Home, Right Place

Right Home Right Place is here to help identify housing need in Shropshire and to provide information about affordable housing, community housing and housing in general. 

Affordable Housing in planning terms has a very clear and defined meaning and is set out in the Government’s 2012 National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF) prepared by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Right Home, Right Place are asking people to tell them about your housing needs, so that they can plan.

Click here for survey on Housing Needs in Shropshire -parish survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/shropshire-housing-needs

Click here for survey on Housing Needs in Shropshire-Shropshire Council Employees: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Housing-needs-survey-for-Shropshire-Council-employees

Right Home Right Place October Newsletter
RHRP header banner

Affordable Housing and Section 106 Agreements

Affordable Housing is provided in many ways in Shropshire, one of the more common is through a legal agreement which places an obligation on the developer to provide a percentage of the homes built as affordable dwellings. This is called a Section 106 agreement and it may also contain other obligations for example to provide some public open space.

Currently in Shropshire we have 3 set percentages for the provision of on-site affordables 10%, 15% and 20% The areas for each percentage target rate can be seen on the plan below.

Affordable Housing AreaS

The percentages were set based on the viability of the developments in each of the areas. These percentages will be reviewed in the next viability report early in 2019.

So for example a development of 25 new homes in a 10% area would provide 2 affordable homes on site and a financial contribution for the fraction. (25 x 0.10 = 2.5) and a scheme of 30 homes in a 20% area would provide 6 affordable homes on site (30 x 0.2 = 6)

However national policy has sought to restrict the amount of contributions we can request on smaller sites by adopting the Ministerial Statement November 2014, (following the court of appeal in May 2016) and now reflected in the recent revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF 2018). These restriction now mean we can no longer apply our policy to sites under a certain size. This is 5 dwellings in the rural area and 10 dwellings in the urban areas. Since the majority of developments in Shropshire are for less than 5 or 10 dwellings we are seeing a sharp decrease in the number of affordable units provided in this way. We are therefore looking at different ways to increase the number of affordable units we provide each year and these will be discussed in later newsletters.

As the majority of households on the Housing Register require a rented home we ask for a split of the S106 affordable units in favour of affordable rented tenure at 70% and 30% for low cost home ownership. This may differ in certain areas where we know there is a need for a different mix of housing (for example where we have undertaken a Housing Needs Survey)

Usually the affordable rent and shared ownership units on a development site are transferred to a Housing Association, who will then let/sell and manage the properties. It should be noted that S106 sites do not normally have a local connection attached to the properties so can be let to anyone in housing need with a connection to Shropshire. The developer may sell the low cost homes as Discounted Market Sale dwellings and these will be discussed in January 2019’s Newsletter.

Last year we had 459 affordable homes completed and approx. 50% of these were through S106 sites and all have either been sold or let to people in housing need.

The Beeches in Whitchurch.

The Beeches, Whitchurch

This is a small scheme of only 15 units in a 10% area, so there was only 1 affordable on site, this is currently being marketed for Shared Ownership by one of our Housing Associations.

Sweetlake Shrewsbury.

This is a large scheme of 173 homes in a 20% area so provided 34 affordable homes on site, these were a mix of flats and 2 and 3 bed homes. All of them were transferred to a Housing Association 23 for affordable rent and 11 to be sold as shared ownership units.

Sweetlake, Shrewsbury

In order to be eligible to apply for any of our affordable homes applicants need to be registered on Shropshire Homepoint. https://www.shropshirehomepoint.co.uk/Data/ASPPages/1/30.aspx and keep checking to see when the properties become available.

Next month’s newsletter will be our quarterly Self-Build edition



nhs 250-253

Are you or have you been treated for cancer?

Are you or have you been treated for cancer in Shropshire, Telford or Powys?  If so the Living With and Beyond Cancer team at The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust would like to hear from you.
This questionnaire is for anyone who has ever been diagnosed and treated for cancer in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Powys. It has been developed by the Living With and Beyond Cancer Programme. 
The aim of this questionnaire is to ask people affected by cancer for their views about receiving an end of treatment summary. At the moment not all cancer patients and their GP’s receive Treatment Summaries and there is some variation in how useful these summaries are.A treatment summary is a document completed by a member of your team within the hospital after a significant phase of your treatment ends. It normally describes the treatment, potential side effects, and signs and symptoms of recurrence. The Treatment Summary aims to inform the GP and other primary care professionals of actions that need to be taken and who to contact with any questions or concerns. You are also offered a copy with the intention of improving your understanding of the treatment you have just received. It will also guide you for anything to look out for during your recovery. The Treatment Summary can also be shared with other health professionals and used to evidence the patient’s treatment, for example when claiming travel insurance.
To read more and take part in the survey, click this link   https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CDQVFH3
Note this survey has 17 questions, most can be answered by tick box. Deadline for responses is Monday 12 November 2018.
Dementia Action Alliance 250-253

Living with Dementia in Shropshire Telford and Wrekin

Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) would like your help on what they should focus on. They would like to know what it’s like living with dementia or being a caregiver here. 

You can take part in this survey by clicking on this link:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LQ275DB or download the PDF here Stwdaa Survey to complete and send to  “Stwdaa “ c/o The Alzheimer’s Society The Glebe Centre Wellington Telford TF1 1JP

It may be that you are not a caregiver and you are not living with dementia, but you can still help by telling your friends, work colleagues and contacts about this short 10 question survey enabling to Dememtia Action Alliance Shropshire Telford and Wrekin to be guided on what is most important.

CCG 250-253

Future Fit stakeholder meeting-Shrewsbury

Start Date:
24th May 2018

End Date:
24th May 2018

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Future Fit stakeholder meeting-Shrewsbury
Venue: Shrewsbury Town Football Club Oteley Road Shrewsbury SY2 6ST
Name: Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCG
Email: N/A
Telephone: N/A
Event description: Please join the Future Fit team following the VCSA Annual Assembly for an update on the FF consultation to discuss the objectives of the public consultation, the engagement plan and activity schedule, (including timescales) and how the VCSE can get involved.

Places are limited-to book a place book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nhs-future-fit-vcse-stakeholder-briefing-shropshire-tickets-45723680760?aff=erelpanelorg

CCG 250-253

Pharmacy Opening Times this Easter-Shropshire & Telford

Easter is nearly upon us.  The Easter Bonnets are probably in the finishing stages and the Easter Egg hunts have probably been planned but amid all this have you remembered to order your prescriptions so that you don’t run out of regular medication during the Easter holidays?

Some local pharmacies may offer reduced opening times over the Bank Holiday period, so please plan now-especially if you have a long-term condition or if you’re a carer – it will help you & others, whether staying at home or going away. By doing this not only does it save you stress but it takes pressure off our an over stretched NHS & may prevent you from hospital treatment.

Dr Julian Povey, Chair at NHS Shropshire CCG, said: “Ordering your essential medicines before the Easter break means that you have one less thing to think about. We don’t want anyone to run out of their medication over the Easter period and as a result need hospital treatment when they could be enjoying time with family and friends.

“You can save yourself time, by ordering your repeat prescriptions as early as possible. You might also want to consider signing up to a repeat prescription service so you can collect your prescriptions from your pharmacy or get them delivered straight to your door.”

Your local pharmacy can offer you free, qualified health advice at any time, and no appointment is necessary. They can give you expert help on everyday illnesses and answer any questions about prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.

There are a number of health services available to help you stay well over the Easter Bank Holiday 

  • Patients can also call the out-of-hours GP service, Shropdoc, when their own surgery is closed on 0333 222 66 55.
  • Help and advice is available 24-hours-a-day by ringing NHS 111 (just dial 111) for free.
  • Bank Holiday MIU opening times can be found  at http://www.shropscommunityhealth.nhs.uk/ (on this website, look to the right of your screen and click on Minor Injury Units which will bring up a list of MUI’s to scroll through)